Music: These the F*ck Are the Arctic Monkeys

The noughties have found their end and a new era is about to start. It's seems to be the time to modernize the garage-like, typical of indie, sound and make it into a sort of progressive, electronic sound. This type of music has been polarizing for quite a few years now and people seem to like it.

Going against this apparent hype, the Artic Monkeys have released their new Album "SUCK IT AND SEE", showing with indifference and a right amount of arrogance what makes them special, where they're going and that you won't find them where other bands already are: „And now I’m out of my place and I’m not getting wiser| I feel like the sundance kid behind a synthesizer“ are the lyrics of Black Treacle.

„SUCK IT AND SEE“ is a conspicuous diverting album. Half of the songs don't even reach the limit of three minutes that we're used to. It is also quite catchy, gentle and grows every time you listen to it.

The fact that one could listen to the album on the internet via live stream for free one week before the official release shows that it's not about being commercially successful but more about the basis of their work as a band: The music itself.

Even the cover represents the album's intention according to the title of the album and can be find everywhere and of course in the lyrics where the Arctic Monkeys are able to show what they're known for. With the name of the song "Reckless Serenade" they're trying to explain who they are and what "Arctic Monkeys" stands for. No Synthesizers, no electronic sounds.

"Sing another fucking Shalalah!" The album displayes it: Take me as I am, like me or don't! Suck it! Or simply said: SUCK IT AND SEE.

"That's not a skirt, girl, that's a sawn-off shotgun| And I can only hope you've got it aimed at me“ is only one example of the ambiguous hints that hide between the lines of Turner's (singer of the band) lyrics. In fact: The album deals almost completely with women but it's still quite important how one interprets this whole piece of music by paying attention to the central themes which are of course present.

I think I can understand our good old Alex Turner. If I was dating Alexa Chung I would only write songs about women too. A Fortiori when there is a guy named Josh Homme a.k.a. Carlo von Sexron who is being your producer. He is like the king of lyrical intercourse.

All joking apart I'd say that all in all "SUCK IT AND SEE" has more than just potential to become the "soundtrack of the summer of 2011".
A really nice album!