Ideals to live by?

Why we don’t just dedicate ourselves to a frenzy of shreds of pictures, sound sequences, heaps of letters and niblets of display, consume blindly and lose sight of what really matters, but open up to art, that touches us, but seems inexplicable in it’s allure, will be the question, wich we can ask ourselves to begin.
Or short: What makes art special, what makes it a contrast to the grey façade of our world?
We create and face up to art under the cloak of an ideal, wich is singularity.
No matter in what form we become creative or absorb creativity-the opus, wich was created, is unique. If one of billions of people on our planet create something from a thought and preserves it – if only for a short moment – it leaves inimitable and eternal footprints in the continued existence of this life. That this person can be left without anybody knowing about this action and his creation occasionally is of no importance to anyone is the bitter aftertaste of creativity. But when we surround ourselves with people that care about our doing, open themselves to something, that means so much to us, then our creativity will not be covered by the forgotten sand of the past, but connects us with people in our presence.
And so the second ideal of art is uncovered: Community. What would the imaginative traveller be without the warming shelter of his companions? What the pilot in the air space of fantasy without his crew, who navigates him out of the thunderstorm of lack of inspiration and failure? No matter where we move in art, we never do so alone. We need the audience, the listener, the observer, the reader like a garden needs rain. The elixir of our life in a community is the admiration of others in their standard and the recognition of others in our claims. Like old friends we sit together, laugh about ourselves and the world, speak true words and can not be separated. That is community in wich art can flourish.
What ideal is more beneficial for this community than equality of its members? It means, that without consideration of class, origin, age we can seize our creativity and so have the opportunity to create something lasting. This equality feeds our mind with the idea, that every breath and every head can hold something big. And once we have gotten rid of old prejudice and new doubts, we realize the magic power of art, that connects us, shapes and opens doors to new vastness.
That is why I see this article as demand, to become creative yourself and share your own work, your own opinions, impressions and thoughts on life. We want communication about the beautiful and fantastical side of our existence.
Let there be creativity!