Music: FRANK LIIN and an amazing alter ego situation (Jordan Rakei)

A couple of months ago I happened to stumble upon this amazing track by Frank Liin and have been hooked and a fan ever since. I didnt really know why his voice and style seemed so familiar and couldnt quite put my finger on it until a few tracks later - and oh lord it definitely hit me!


One of our all time favorites Etta Bond gives us hope that there are still artists with voices and messages out there. She has just released a new music video for her new self-empowering song Seen and Never Heard and we love it.

"They might judge us, rate us out of 10, objectify us....When you are able to deflect the bullshit people throw at you, when you are able to shrug at people's feeble attempts to define who you are—the strength and power absorbed from that is worth the bullet. This video was not just a chance for us to 'love ourselves the way we are' it was to test ourselves. This was not an egotistical display. It was us, coming together as one. If you can't see past a bunch of naked ladies, you're simply proving my point. And that's fine." *

Literature: poetry XII

notes found in an 1890 diary 
by Kilian

my fellow men, 
can we be like that 
or even better? 
I turn to you, 
you poor in exaltation, 
timidity or rest,
seek wealth in your 
breathless chest, not on the 
golden platter. 
since gold is rare and your stay long, 
mine over soon, but 
saying this 
I've found the cure, 
for isn't it a pleasure 
not floundering 
all in vain, rather one thing 
pure in heart that's 
firmly planted, so every 
shine now gone 
will mirror in ourselves 
and soul can merge, enchanted by 
rapture, apart, painless, 

Literature: poetry XI



the dramatist, rid of dialogues 
by Kilian

these days
snow covered
my house and garden
not undue the hour, calm, sanguine,
breathe on the window pane
as the blurred air fades
I begin to draw,
somewhere else, find
not much more than
what I'd won
long before, already
reached what there's to be at,
undoubted, my lands
end earlier than I thought
they would, comforting
that I know them well
for they embrace
with careful hands
the outward,
my wicked good

Music: The Kabeedies Are Dead (Kind Of)

Fear not, music lovers, The Kabeedies are only sort of dead, in fact they are back with a new vocalist, new music and a new name - Keep Up.

It's been a bit over a year since former vocalist, Katie Allard, left the band and I am sure her wonderful dance moves will be greatly missed by anyone who had the pleasure of seeing The Kabeedies live in the past (new vocalist Christian has yet to impress us with his moves, needless to say, he has big shoes to fill...), however the remaining band members Rory Hill, Evan Jones and Francis Bell, having added a new member and re-named the band, do not fail to impress with their new, still fun, still very danceable, sound.

Keep Up have once again crossed the sea to bring fantastic guitar pop and fun times to Germany, kicking off tomorrow in Hamburg's Molotow Bar and visiting many cities in the following weeks. 
See them play, dance, have fun, say hi and try to make up some bad jokes about their name, like: "Hi guys, I've been trying to Keep Up to date with..." - I'm terrible at making jokes, so let me know if you have a good one.

by Poppy

Literature: poetry X

by Kilian

I'm good at things
that I can't loose,
solitude and patterned moves
the bleaching arm of hills
in rain and
vessels, thick enough
regain the substance from this
foreign peak where
tides are gold
and flush is weak
cisterns now begin to spill,
I'm bleached in rain,
a man-soaked hill

Literature: poetry IX

 by Kilian 

once out of 
I washed my back
from pears and oil,
savannah's lair and groves
of spoiling paranoids,
the filthy senses raise with pomp,
stiff and ugly, how can those 
be the sons of 
pitied Fronde, a mess and more, 
though I come 
to see 
that cleansing sumps is 
paradoxed, but one 
and two, not much, enough, 
and just
as I've swapped
the love for innocence
I learn to see
heart is bold betimes
and dirt genteel

Music: Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth

Gone Native

Long-lasting farewell from New York underground was the result of this record. Not because of betrayed ideals but in consequence of the penetrating power of Sonic Youth's 1988 work. In a period of pop cultural rebuilding they hit a nerve and set down the yardstick on a melange of noise, pop, experiment and avant-garde. With a transgressive approach of both conservation and subversion one breathtaking peak of electric guitar music was formed around the couple of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. 25 years after it is time to re-listen.

by Kilian