Fashion: Interview - Dustin Hanke

London, Paris, Milan, New York - which fashion enthusiast doesn’t dream of seeing the anticipated new collections in the various fashion capitals, being at fashion week or even becoming a part of the fashion industry and always being up-to-date with the latest trends and events.
A young, stylish guy from Goslar has gotten very close to all this by scillfully using the universal wonder weapon of the 21st century – the internet.

Dustin, Fashionblogger on , has become a sensation because of his, for Germany, very untypical style that he presents on his blog. This seemed to be his key to the fashion industry, which enabled him many things others will never experience.
Dustin took some time to answer questions for Project Quality, which some of you may have asked yourselves.

How would you describe your style to somebody?

Dustin: The standard question and I still have no idea how to answer it.
I wear whatever I like every day and so it always looks different. One day it may be many brown tones on other days black and white. What I really can’t stand are too many colours and prints. So I like it clean and simple.

Where does inspiration for your ideas come from?

Dustin: Mainly from the internet. I follow around 200 blogs, which I read day by day, that’s very inspiring. I also read many magazines and look at a lot of editorials.

How and when did you discover your interest for fashion and how did you end up blogging?

Dustin: The whole thing happened barely two years ago. I guess you could say I just woke up one day and it just thrilled me. I started reading blogs regularly, ordering magazines and looking for fashion features online. Once I was full of inspiration I finally started my blog.

How does it feel to get such great feedback about your blog and suddenly being invited to fashion shows and events? How do the people around you deal with it? 

Dustin: It’s an amazing feeling. Sometimes I wake up and all I can think is ‘wow’. I still can't quite fathom what possibilities have been offered to me. All the positive feedback makes me proud and motivates me a lot. It would be terrible, if I didn’t care as my readers are the ones who have made all this possible. I think some people are jealous of what I do, what I experience, the way I come across. But that’s not right. Sure, some jealousy will always be there, but I’m just a normal human being and many others live the same life I do. I’m not better than anyone else.

Compared to other countries how could you describe the street style in Germany?

Dustin: Sadly I find Germany quite boring most of the time when it comes to street style. The people who really dress well show themselves too rarely. I’m personally inspired by cities like London, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

Is there any piece or accessory you really want to have right now?

Dustin: Yes! SO MUCH! I’m afraid I have a talent for always liking the most expensive stuff. So my closet always has to wait for quite a long time for the things I want. At the moment I really want the ‘Anouck’ Boots by Alexander Wang, but I can’t find them anywhere.

If the world was going to end tomorrow - what would you wear?

Dustin: Comfortable shoes!!!

What's your understanding of fashion in connection with art and quality?

Dustin: Unlike fashion I have been interested in art all my life, but fashion and art go hand in hand. Most clothes by great designers are art in my opinion. Every designer expresses how he feels or thinks through his clothing. Artists do the same thing. It should never lack in quality when it comes to both.

Thanks again to Dustin for this interview and you absolutely have to check out his blog !