Music: FRANK LIIN and an amazing alter ego situation (Jordan Rakei)

A couple of months ago I happened to stumble upon this amazing track by Frank Liin and have been hooked and a fan ever since. I didnt really know why his voice and style seemed so familiar and couldnt quite put my finger on it until a few tracks later - and oh lord it definitely hit me!

We know that some artists prefer to go by their real name while others try to "hide" behind the comfort of a stage name, right? Here we have the incredible man himself Jordan Rakei aka Frank Liin putting out chilled lofi tracks mixed with a good amount of neo soul action and not many people seem to be aware of it. If you havent been either then its definitely your turn to educate yourself with some good and exciting music.

While Jordan Rakei has already put out two EPs and is soon about to release his debut album, Frank Liin hasnt been lazy at all and spoiled us with +10 tracks on his Soundcloud. Just like that as if it wasnt good and heavenly enough already. Thanks Jordan, thanks Frank Liin. Welcome to the magic of alter egos.

My favorite track so far:

Check out this beast:

Frank Liin on Soundcloud:
Jordan Rakei on Soundcloud: