Music: The Kabeedies Are Dead (Kind Of)

Fear not, music lovers, The Kabeedies are only sort of dead, in fact they are back with a new vocalist, new music and a new name - Keep Up.

It's been a bit over a year since former vocalist, Katie Allard, left the band and I am sure her wonderful dance moves will be greatly missed by anyone who had the pleasure of seeing The Kabeedies live in the past (new vocalist Christian has yet to impress us with his moves, needless to say, he has big shoes to fill...), however the remaining band members Rory Hill, Evan Jones and Francis Bell, having added a new member and re-named the band, do not fail to impress with their new, still fun, still very danceable, sound.

Keep Up have once again crossed the sea to bring fantastic guitar pop and fun times to Germany, kicking off tomorrow in Hamburg's Molotow Bar and visiting many cities in the following weeks. 
See them play, dance, have fun, say hi and try to make up some bad jokes about their name, like: "Hi guys, I've been trying to Keep Up to date with..." - I'm terrible at making jokes, so let me know if you have a good one.

by Poppy