Fashion: Steven Tai's Bookworm Invasion

Sometimes all you need is just a little luck - Project Quality did have that little luck. Drawn to a designer because of an outstanding collection we spotted at a showroom PQ happened to run into the incredible designer Steven Tai. Of course we checked out his great bookworm-inspired collection, talked to him about it and got to enjoy his amazing runway show later on as well.

He is without a doubt a very creative, fresh and talented designer - something that Berlin Fashion Week is in need of. You definitely feel the visual idea behind the collection that has led him to his designs and presentation which make clear that the terms 'nerd' or 'bookworm' don't always stand for boring sweaters, shirt, retainers and big glasses.

His runway show started off with a highlight: a special dress/shirt with pen nibs on the front that rotated with the help of electronics that were hidden under a layer on the back of the piece. The use of technology does definitely connect to the bookworm theme and does show more of the computer nerd and geek aspects.
Everything about his collection seems unique and detailed due to his decision to layer some of the pieces in a long-winded process. Because of that technique it took 2-3 days to create only one shirt according to Steven Tai himself.
You can definitely tell that the unusual look, created by the layers, resembles book pages and those of you with a lot of imagination might even spot the paths of some bookworms that founds his collection just as delicious as us.
Another thing that is fun about his collection is that some pieces change the natural body shape just like the grey pair of pants with a lot of layers located at the top. Tai jokes that the models would look quite strange if they only wore the pants because the more robust part at the top would swings from side to side and exaggerate the movement of the hips if they walked. By combining the pants with other bigger pieces this can be avoided, he said. 
But not only the clothes make you want to read books and study. The models at his show who all looked like twins wore glasses and seemed to want to read some good literature instead of changing clothes as soon as they left the runway.

You don't happen to see such a great designer with innovative and creative ideas every day so it would be a shame if we didn't kept an eye on Steven Tai.