Fashion: THE SHIT Fashion Show and Afterparty

Tired fashionistas squeezed their sore feet into heels on the last night of Berlin Fashion Week without complaining (unless they were wearing flats) and gathered all their strength to dance the night away one last time. There's a new label in town and it goes by the charming name THE SHIT. You can think what you like about Photographer/It-Girl/Blogger/Model/Designer/Musician Bonnie Strange, but you can't deny that she has her own stlye - and a lot of humor. So when Miss Strange decides to start a label with Laura Cherrygrove, you can expect something special. And special it was.

Article: Poppy, Pictures: Stefan for PQ

After opening their small boutique THE SHIT SHOP in Prenzlauer Berg for the public and presenting their sweater collection, THE SHIT team moved to a larger venue, the "Alte Münze", for a show of the entire collection and an aftershow party, a SHIT RAVE, that let you forget you had been desperately wishing for your bed just a few hours before. The event was attended by people such as actor David Kross (The Reader, Same Same But Different), designer Rayan Odyll, whose clothes will also be sold in THE SHIT SHOP and photographer Yvan Rodic, better known as the Facehunter.

The entire collection celebrated trash and 90's fashion freaks at its best. White plastic, gold chains, neon colours and Cruella Deville coats were presented by models with black lip liner and massive hair accompanied by 90's pop music. It's clearly a collection for the more daring girls and boys out there, not to be taken too seriously, something the Berlin fashion scene seems to be lacking. The show was opened by a plus-size model in neon green and ended with a bride in white plastic and a groom in little more than his underwear. A very well staged show that radiated energy and fun and the perfect start to a great party.

Visit The Ship Shop: Greifenhagener Strasse 64, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin or check it out online