Music: "Rude Kidds and Informal Patients" - Vince Kidd & Etta Bond

Music from the UK is booming. In the last couple of decades people from all over the world have gotten the chance to get to know musicians like The Beatles, David Bowie, Joy Division, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Jessie J, Taio Cruz, Emeli Sandé and even One Direction. But there is of course more to the british music scene.

On the other side there are those who play in bars and clubs on almost every day of the week. The ones who try as hard as they can to get the attention from music labels to sign a publishing or record deal. But only a small amount of those people have got the potential, style, charisma, uniqueness and music to actually make it and sell out bars, clubs, arenas and even stadiums. Project Quality would like to present to you two of those who have got the potential, style, charisma, uniqueness and music to make it. First off there is the very talented singer Etta Bond.

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Article: Stefan

Etta is the first artist to be signed to Labrinth's label Odd Child. They've known each other since they met and wrote songs together at the age of 16/17. You can definitely tell that she is somebody special even if you don't happen to have heard of her before. Very urban and unique is what I would call her style at the moment. Her voice is just as inimitable - very emotional, strong and yet so fragile.

Currently she's working on her debut EP entitled "Emergency Room" which each and every single one of her fans as well as big parts of the british music scene have been waiting for. Having such a large fanbase before even releasing an album or EP speaks for itself. Etta has already released three songs named "Ask Me To Stay", "Every Dream" and "Come Over" on Soundcloud and was also featured in the song "Forgiveness" by Wretch32. It's hard to describe the sound of the songs because most people aren't used to hearing this type of music on the radio.

It feels like there are definitely some soulful influences contributed by her voice as well as some electronic and dubstep influences which are present in terms of production and arrangement. If you look Etta Bond up on Youtube you will definitely come across those songs in acoustic and live performances. You will immediately notice that her voice still sounds the same as in the songs. Obviously her voice doesn't need a lot of editing and is just that amazing.

That is why Project Quality is looking forward to the release of "Emergency Room" and to hear more of the wonderful London based singer Etta Bond. She definitely has the potential to become the next big thing.

As if one very talented musician wasn't enough we want to present to you another aspiring artist from London. Second off there is singer Vince Kidd.

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Some of you may already know Vince for his outstanding performances as a contestant on "The Voice UK". To many he is "the voice" even though he didn't win. Not only because of his amazing singing skills but also because he polarizes with his very charming personality and his one-of-a-kind rude boy style.

He is definitely one of those singers who can put their own spin on a song without letting it lose any of its character. Only a small amount of singers do have that rare talent and Vince is for sure one of them. His fanbase is already enormous and will surely grow. He's very grateful for his fans and their support.

As he revealed on "The Voice" his album is already done and he's just waiting for a chance to release it. Vince does already have a publishing deal with Sony/ATV which is a clear proof for his songwriting abilities. His original songs seem to appeal to people a lot. They have thousands of click on Souncloud not to mention videos on his Youtube channel with up to 220.000 views including acoustic versions of his songs "Smother Me", "The Last Train", the Madonna song "Like A Virgin" as well as a music video for "Sick Love".

If somebody asked me what his songs sound like I would only have one answer: Vince Kidd. But what does the phenomena Vince Kidd stand for? Definitely a soulful, versatile voice that goes along with Hip Hop influenced Pop music arrangements. In contrast to some of today's biggest pop stars he has got the raw talent and voice to sounds good with just a piano accompanying him.

Again Project Quality is looking forward to the release of his album and new Vince Kidd material. Because of his unique style and talent he is someone to keep an eye on!