Music: Interview - Friska Viljor

 "Smile or just feel better."

When Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson both found themselves at the end of relationships, they put their energy into something cheaper than therapy - music.

Seven years and four albums later, Friska Viljor are back in the studio recording an album of which the band says: "At the moment most of it doesn't sound at all and the rest sounds like poop." - I am, however, confident they will fix that soon.

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How would you describe your music in feelings?
Pretty much depression when it comes to the lyrics, some hope is still in there though, and happiness too. But the lyrical dominant is depression. If we talk about the music and melodies I would say more happiness, euphoria, joy are the dominants and sadness and frustration is mixed in there in a smaller part.
 Who and/or what inspire you when writing songs?
We have talked about this many many times and we have come to the conclusion that everything is an inspiration. All the music we´ve ever listened to, Whitney Houston, Kiss, Phil Collins, Metallica, The Doors just to mention a fraction of all our past music. Everything is somewhere in there in the back of our heads and helps us to write in the way that we write today.

 How did you get into music?
Daniel has always been around music since his father has been a brass band leader for quite some time. He started playing the trumpet already at the age of four. Me, I got into it thanks to my brother who started playing the guitar when I was twelve and then he got me to play the bass cause he needed that instrument to form a metal band.

 Who are your favourite musicians? What sort of music do you like best?
I don´t know if we actually have any favourite musicians and we listen to all kinds of music, a lot of it is swedish. But it spans from Rihanna to death metal just to give you some idea.
 What would you like people to do and feel while listening to your music?
Smile or just feel better.
 Imagine a world without music, describe it.
I guess people would find other ways to enjoy themselves. Maybe a lot of fornicating would be the result of a boring grey world with no music. Sounds pretty alright doesn´t it?
 What is the title of your new album and in what way is it different to the others?

It´s called "Untitled". At the moment most of it doesn´t sound at all and the rest sounds like poop.