Music: Interview SUPERCUTE!

"With the hopes of changing the world. And eating a lot of sugar on the way."

If there is one band that lives up to it's name, it is definitely SUPERCUTE! The three girls from New York aged 11 to 17 make music like flower crowns and bubble gum on a friday night, mixing Keyboard and Ukulele to create a home-made, psychedelic, girly sound. Member Rachel Trachtenburg came in contact with music at a very young age as a part of The Trachtenburg Slideshow Family Players .The band toured with Kate Nash in Europe and USA/Canada and they are working with her on their first album. 


When and why did you start SUPERCUTE!?

We started SUPERCUTE! in 2009 with the hopes of changing the world. And eating a lot of sugar on the way

 Who or what inspires you?

Bell bottom pants, Willy Wonka, the shining twins, sunflowers, babies, glitter, chapstick.

You went touring with Kate Nash, what was that like? Did you get very nervous?

We have been on two amazing tours with Kate, one in the U.S./CANADA and the other was a 12 country tour of EUROPE. Both tours were entirely incredible, ranging from audiences of 200-4,000. It was a huge learning experience and a lot of work. But we don't get stage fright! Just a bit flustered maybe.

Describe your music using only feelings, smells, tastes and images.

Velvet meloncholy spazzy dorky, cotton candy.


What would you like people to do while listening to your music?

 Think. and smile.

What's the best and worst part about being musicians?

The worst part about being a musician is not being taken seriously. People think about it as a hobby although it's a full time job. It's your job, your spouse, your baby. It's the love of your life! The best part of being a musician is being able to express ourselves through music, which is what's worth living for!

 How do you manage to do all that with school and normal teen life going on? 

Rachel is homeschooled so she can spend time during the day working on band projects. Julia goes to a cool art high school, where she can take off the time for professional endeavors. Olivia goes to a regular school, so there's a good mix between the three of us.


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