Fashion: Interview - Katja Will

"C'est Tout! Coco Chanel knew it."

C'est Tout - That's all is the name of Katja and Michael Will's label. Long silk dresses, leather skirts, simple cuts. The clothes are fun, beautiful and elegant. The designer Katja Will kindly took the time to tell us about inspiration, her thoughts on fashion bloggers and style.


What inspired you to become a designer?
My proclivity for beautiful things which was already very distinctive as a child.

Why the name 'C'est Tout'?
Because a perfect fitting dress is all a woman needs to look good. - C'est tout!
Coco Chanel knew it.

Describe your style in three words.
Unpretentious. Relaxed. Sophisticated.

Who / what inspires you?
People around me. Everyone with an own style.
Furthermore beautiful places. The bay 'Cala d'hort' on Ibiza is one of those places.

Is there a piece/accesorice that you're craving for right now?
Lined boots. Winter is just around the corner and the one in Berlin is merciless.

Who is to you the best designer of all times?
There's not just one. Almost every season there are new creative brains who produce good collections.

If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you wear?
An outfit I'd feel comfortable in. A long hippie dress made of flowing fabric. No shoes. Nothing that constrains me.

What do you think of fashion bloggers? Would you say it's more like a trend or something persistent? 
I do think that the phenomena 'blog' is something that will be persistent and will even get stronger in the future. It's just like in the internet: Only 10 out of 100 offers are convincing. To me a blog is a good blog when I get inspired by it. It can be through a lot of things, not only fashion.

What your favorite piece/accesoire?
The jacket Guin. A lambskin jacket out of the latest Autumn/Winter collection of C'est tout. Incredibly comfortable.

Which piece should every woman posses and why?
An emergency dress. One to rely on if you want/have to look go and feel bad.

Who used to be you style icon when you were a child?
My mother. Mothers are the first style icons of all children, aren't they?