Music: Interview-Generationals

"Their delectable debut, shimmers with the music of the British Invasion, Stax soul, Wall of Sound production, 1950s doo-wop and California-dreaming jangle filtered through a contemporary indie-rock lens."
Andy Gensler wrote for T: The New York Times Style Magazine about Generationals' debut album Con Law and I could not find better words to describe their sound.
The duo mixes elments of the past (the music is recorded using analog equipment and tape machines) with pop, creating something unique.
Finding this mixture more than just a little interesting, we decided to dig a bit deeper and asked Ted Joyner to answer some questions about the band.

1. Where does the name 'Generationals' come from?

Grant and I were recording our first record Con Law during the summer of 2008. There was constant news coverage of the presidential election on TV. You would often hear the term 'generational' used by political pundits describing how alot of issues were split among voters down 'generational lines.' Or 'this seems to be a generational issue.' At the time we still hadn't decided what to call our new project, so Grant suggested 'Generationals' as our name. To pluralize it doesn't really make sense but we both liked how it sounded, so we went with it.

2. What is the best part of being a musician? 

Most parts of the job are pretty great. Touring can be tiring but in general is a fun and rewarding thing to do. Making friends in different cities and getting to see them when you are out on tour is great. Getting to be friends with other bands that you tour with is a lot of fun. Making records is a lot of fun to me. We really like working with our producer dan black. We've made several records with him at this point and Grant and I always look forward to going to bring him another batch of songs and seeing what we can do with them. short answer: EVERYTHING!

3. How did you get into music?

My parents gave me a guitar when I was 10 or 11. I started playing by trying to learn half assed versions of Beatles songs. I think grant started out roughly the same time the same way.

4. What kind of person would you like to listen to your music? What should they be doing or feeling while listening to it?

We want every kind of person to listen to our music! If they listen to it they should feel good. If you hate our music then we dont want you to listen to it. If you listen to our music and it makes you feel bad then turn it off immediately! You're doing it wrong!

5. Who inspires you?
Patti Smith, Billy Wilder, Zachary Kopplin, Bob Newhart, Prince, Don Cheadle, Picasso, Tim Robbins, Joe Strummer, Lara Logan, Jon Stewart.
6. How was music created? What do you think? 

Music was invented by the original dudes and ladies in the cradle of humanity who first started humming and beatboxing for each other. Everyone who ever lived has contributed to music at-large, except for Lars Ulrich.

Many thanks to Ted, for taking the time to answer our questions.
You can find Generationals on:
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or vist their website