Music: Festival Diary - Saturday

wake up and there are two strangers sitting under our pavillon, the girl turns out to be part of our camp, but I barely know her and am for a short moment totally confused. Without even asking what is going on I walk down to the toilets-stranger things have happened. Lucas is there too when I’m back and the stranger was looking for his tent around 5 am this morning, which is why he is at our camp or something like that. It’s all pretty confusing and I am still half asleep. After a while he falls asleep and starts shaking and babbling. Now that is amusing.

We all look pretty terrible, but Marcus takes the cake. His face has swollen up and he slept on his hand, which had been doodled on the night before, leaving a mark on his neck that looks like a love-bite. Just to make him look even more rediculous he can hardly open his eyes. All in all we get to laugh quite a lot this morning plus I get to plait Lucas’ hair and somebody suddenly has a water pistol. So even though the sky is completely covered in rain clouds and I can’t find my beautiful yellow bike cape, it’s a fun morning.
The first band we see is Warpaint and I feel like Neupi and I are the only ones dancing. Most people just stand there and stare at the stage, somehow looking quite bored. Every now and again you see a few swaying to the music. It's a shame, they are such a great band. After that we want to see The Vaccines, but they missed their plane and so we walk around the shops a little and then head to Friendly Fires, who are great fun. The first song isn’t even over when the lead singer jumps over the fence and dances with the crowd. We get a place in the front row and miss I Blame Coco. The Sounds play next and I’m not a fan, but there is no way I am going to miss the opportunity to be in the front row at Two Door Cinema Club, who will be on stage after The Sounds. It was worth it, I had been looking forward to seeing them for ages and they are wonderful!
We leave and I let a girl have my place for Kasabian, she is really sweet and excited ‘Kasabian are my heroes!’. We  stand outside the tent and watch the end of Lykke Li on the screen after that, she is lovely, it’s such a shame she played at the same time as Two Door Cinema Club. Then we go into the tent to see I Am Kloot, I had never heard of them before, but the acoustic music is perfect. The past two days have been exciting and tiring, so something like this to calm you down feels great. Bright Eyes play too late, I keep falling asleep while we wait for them and Nina hardly stand. The gig is magical though, the atmosphere amazing. The girls from Warpaint stand at the side of the stage and dance to the fantastic music. After 45 minutes our bodys lose the fight and we leave, instantly regretting it. There’s a boy by the toilets who offers us soap. SOAP! I haven’t had any in what feels like years, he instantly looks like a saint to me. Then we stumble back to the tent and collapse in bed.