Music: The Broken Seas : 'Dance like no one is watching.'

How would you describe your music by only using tastes, smells, pictures and feelings?
The Broken Seas: Salty. Gritty. Intense. Excitement.

How did you get into music?

The Broken Seas: We just got drawn in. We were all looking to do the same thing so we naturally came together.

Very many people are interested in music, but why? What do you think?

The Broken Seas: Music is really important and can mean so much to so many people so its hard to give a definite answer, but to us We love making and playing music it's really that simple.

Tell us about the upcoming gigs.

The Broken Seas: We are currently working on a line up of gigs, keep checking our facebook page for announcements

What's the best and worst part about being a musician?

The Broken Seas: Best, being on stage playing your music. Worst, not always being able to do this full-time, but we are working on changing that.

Which musicians inspire you?

The Broken Seas: We all have our own inspirations that we throw together, between us we draw on such a diverse range of styles and people we couldn't pin point only a few! From nirvana, to pj harvey, to the black keys and beyond!

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

The Broken Seas: Getting down in dive bars around the world getting everyone up on the dancefloor.

What would you like people to do while listening to your music?

The Broken Seas: Play the music very loud. Dance like no one is watching. Get loose.