Fashion: Interview-Mauri Müller (

Almost 3000 fans on Facebook, about 1700 followers and over 500.000 clicks speak for themselves and are a clear symbol of success. Success that belongs to a fine young man from Moers. After presenting Dustin Hanke to you, we'd now like to present another star in the fashion sky - Maurizio Müller

Maurizio Müller, who has with his 18 years a lot of fashion addicts under his spell, is a fashion blogger on his blog It is almost impossible to not know him if you really want to know about the newest fashion trends and events.
Mauri took some time to answer questions for Project Quality, which some of you may have asked yourselves.

How would you describe your style and how do others (family, friends, internet community)
describe your style?

Mauri: I can't really define my style because I get inspired by a lot of different things and my style could all of a sudden change from one day to another. Also I can't really tell how others describe my style. Many find it extraordinary and sometimes quite daring.

How and when did you take your interest in fashion ended up blogging?

Mauri: When I was 10 or 11 years old during a vacation in Sardinia I would go shopping with my aunt 2 or 3 times a week. That's how it all started. It really caught my interest at the age of 13. At this time I started watching my first fashion shows on FashionTV. Since I've started my blog in april 2009 to educate myself and to gain more knowledge about fashion, it has all been taken to a whole different level.

Could you imagine being an idol to others and affect them with what you do and what you've achieved?

Mauri: I could not think of anything better!

If you could crown a fashion queen and a fashion king at this very moment who would you crown and why?

Mauri: Fashion queen: Lady Gaga if it's about art. Many see her as an insubordinate and artificial doll. To me she is like an expressionistic piece of art.
Based on what I saw at the royal wedding (Will&Kate) I have to say that David's style develops gradually. He's like a wine who displays his full flavor with maturity.

What has been your most beautiful experience that you associate with fashion?

Mauri: There were two wonderful phone calls. The first one was the call when I was told that I won a photo graphy contest which allowed me to go to the fashion week in berlin. That was two years ago and I can still remember it clearly. The second phone call gave me the opportunity to go to New York to be part in a project as a blogger.

What is your favorite store in which you could go shopping for hours, days or even months?
Which store is a complete no go?

Mauri: Weekday! I can always find something nice there! I can't really tell which store is a no go to me because when you go shopping with an open mind you can always find something. Even if it's just socks!

If the world was going to end tomorrow - what would you wear?

Mauri: Nothing, I think I'd celebrate it best when I'm naked.

What's your understanding of fashion in connection with art and quality?

Mauri: When fashion is artistically valuable and of a top quality we speak of what designers have been  trying to realize. Only a few succeed in achieving those goals. To me Givenchy, McQueen (by now Sarah Burton) and Gaultier belong to those people. Especially in couture we can find a lot of art and quality!