Fashion: A Head Filled With Fashion

Why we create it and it creates us

I recently realized something: amazingly many articles on this blog have something to do with fashion. And that is why I, probably unexpectedly, also felt like writing about it. It’s not like I never think about it, but the best ideas always come to me in calm moments.
First of all: Most people in my life are unusually closely linked to fashion. Not always obviously, but in some way it plays a role for almost everyone- in the haziest shapes. And that is not at all self-evident; I do not belong to a higher, elite, posh group, who you are more likely to think of as influential on today’s superficialities. But wait, did I just say “superficial”? Aha, well that’s the first aspect – and prejudgment in my head. Does it always have to be superficial? Well, whether it’s good or bad, it is what we wear: Our clothes, all kinds of accessories, our hair and whatever else we chose for or to influence our appearance. It is the surface of what we are, but it goes deeper, we connect so much more to everything we wear.

It is not just clothing, because clothing is clothing, no matter what it is like. When we talk about fashion, we mean things we like, things we think look good, feel good. It is our taste that leads us, our instinct for style- our sense of aesthetic.
Because we do live in our time and take in everything that happens around us, we become a clear view of what is going on in the world. What we make out of that is our own fashion. That is why fashion is also always spirit of the era; a way of life, maybe the most visible part of it.
It is what you get when you read between the lines of our life. A way to catch the way of life and spirit of the age, wrap it up and make it visible for others.
It is good that there is something like fashion. Yes, we should enjoy in consciously, we should develop it, develop in it, because one day someone will say: “So that was your era?” And how could you feel better about it than if you yourself were a part of it and lived an experienced all those things.
Do not forget: Fashion influences us, but we also influence fashion. Because we create the era in which we live. We are a part of the whole thing and the whole thing is no more than what we are.
Fashion is the way we feel while living our lives.

Fashion is…
…the taste of an era
…things we like
…a vicious circle that was started to make money.

What does fashion mean to you? How do you feel about it? How does it influence you? We would be very interested to hear about it- Write to us, comment on our articles, send pictures of what makes fashion special to you!