Fashion: Interview-Hanna Janzen (WEMAKETHECAKE) + GIVEAWAY

George, Gina & Your Mother
The slogan on simple cloth bags is probably the coolest parody of George, Gina & Lucy bags around. WEMAKETHECAKE bags were suddenly everywhere on fashion blogs and over the shoulders of stylish young people on the street. The brand of the two girls Hanna Janzen and Inga Stichling who finished school this year became well-known all over germany and beyond. We asked Hanna Janzen some questions about fashion, success and inspiration.

Is there a piece of clothing/accessory you really want at the moment?

I am secretly in love with the Alexander Wang Kirsten Suede Tote. Except for that I would like to buy a new pair of shoes every day, there are just too many beautiful shoes.

Bright colours or more subtle?

I personally focus more on cut than colour. A single piece or accessory can be brightly coloured though.

Imagine the world would end tomorrow, what would you wear?

My favourite coat from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. I would take it to the end of the world.

How did you get the idea to print slogans/logos like the well-known ‘I ♥your mother’ on cloth bags? Did you expect such huge success?

We formed the label WEMAKETHECAKE around two years ago after being asked about our hand painted bags on the street. We never expected so many people to like it and are delighted about it again and again every day.

Where do the ideas for your original pieces come from? Is there something that always inspires you?

We are mainly inspired by Berlin, travelling, people and each other but there isn’t really a ‘secret recipe’. All slogans were spontaneous ideas.

What do you think of the connection between daily moods and outfits? How do you express them?

I am sure clothing can express moods. What’s more important: Clothing can make you feel better.

The mass of them is almost impossible to oversee - fashion blogs. Do you have tips for a successful fashion blog? Do you think it’s just a trend or have you experienced fashion being more important thanks to the internet these days?

Of course there are loads of fashion blogs and a huge selection of themes. I think it’s great, but would give newcomers the tip to always remember that people all over the world can read your words. You should think carefully how to represent things and still make them personal and informative. I have seen the younger generations becoming more and more interested in fashion- it’s great!
In the end we want to see nicely dressed people on the streets.

How far do you think you should/ should be allowed to go when it comes to fashion, true to the motto ‘I would kill for fashion!’ ?

It is everybody’s own decision how far they go. To me it’s important to stay grounded.

How much do you think famous people like for example Lady Gaga, influence or  sharpen the sense of style for ‘normal’ people?

Lada Gaga has encouraged some more extravagance, but isn’t an icon in my opinion. To me she is just in costume. I like it when people seem authentic in their clothes; even some famous people succeed with that.

Is there anything, for example an accessory, that you NEVER leave the house without? If yes, what is it?

I hardly ever go out without one of my many Casio watches. Otherwise I always have a pretty leather key chain with me.

Did you ever wear something you really didn’t like?

When I wore the clothes I always liked them. Looking back, you do laugh about some outfits.

Do you sometimes wear as normal or more boring clothes as sadly many people tend to wear?

Boring is always subjective. I definitely look bloody dull when I go to bed.

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