Music: Etta Bond - 'Under The Knife' VIDEO

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'Say I'm beautiful, oh say I'm beautiful.'

Have you ever been called beautiful or pretty? Those kind words often compliment our outer appearance, our look, hair and make up and all the other things we want people to notice about us. Being thankful for them is easy since they boost our self-confidence and make us feel great and liked. But compliments directed at our amazing hair which we have spend 2 hours on or our skinny legs that we have starved for only cover up one part of our beauty. So what about the inner beauty, our personality, our charisma? 

Etta Bond knows: 'It ain't perfection when you've got no soul.'
We don't often hear somebody say that our humour is beautiful or our happiness is uplifting. A great personality, charisma or being a good friend is way more important than simply wearing the neweset Nike Air Max or being the skinniest boy or girl. "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", they say. Opinions on fashion trends and style often drift apart but opinions on a great personality are often shared among people. The inner beauty should be the more important to focus on and the part that represents true beauty. So let it shine on the outside with a great smile and being the best version of you that you can possibly be.

The song "Under The Knife" and its rendition by Etta Bond deals with the topic of beauty, insecurity and how it can affect us in our everday life. Check out Etta's soundcloud and twitter!

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