Music: Kafka On The Shore - Beautiful But Empty

Kafka On The Shore are releasing their debut album Beautiful But Empty today, a collection of songs beautifully accompanying the miserable first months of a new year.

picture: kafka on the shore/beautiful but empty

By Poppy

Call me a killjoy, but Mother Nature is not exactly promoting good times in the coming weeks. That is, if you live in a country like Germany, where we are situated or Canada, from where I am writing. The days are short, it’s cold and if snow isn’t covering vast parts of your surroundings, there is likely rain dropping endlessly. Let’s face it; years begin in a very gray, bleak, sobering fashion.

To brighten up the mood Kafka give us a voice ranging from almost-whispers to loud cries accompanied by melodies that can have you out of bed and on your feet in a matter of seconds.
This music isn’t all sunshine and fake smiles, these aren’t more brainless sing-along  songs to please the masses, but rather cold winds empty streets, an album including sorrow and anger, the ghostly Venus as well as a love song for Berlin, the upbeat Lilly Allen In Green and Bacco, the soundtrack of a pirate story that only exists in your head. 
Owners of Beautiful But Empty are also treated to rarely beautiful album artwork for each song and a thank you note that doesn’t forget to mention “haruki murakami [author of the book Kafka On The Shore] and all lawyers that will take us to court”

picture: kafka on the shore/beautiful but empty

If nothing above seems particularly alluring to you, get Beautiful  But Empty for the simple 
pleasure of seeing Pirate Mexican Porno Rock among the genres of your music collection.