Music: The Story of Joy Division (3/3)

Part 3: The After-Effects
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen
by Kilian

Without foreseeing the sudden end Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Ian Curtis made the agreement not to continue under the name Joy Division in case one member left the band for they felt only complete with the four parts working well together. After Curtis' suicide they considered Joy Division closed. The second album Closer was released in July 1980, two months after the singer's death. Although it had been completely recorded in early 1980 it should not be brought out until the band returned from the US tour which never took place.

After the band's breaking up two compilations with unpublished songs and live recordings where sold under the names Still and Substance followed by the Peel Sessions, 1979 radio appearances, all brought out in the 1980s. Some other compilations were sold in the 90s and 2000s but merely offered already known material.

The hiatus after the suicide was ended by Morris' girlfriend Gillian Gilbert who accompanied the three remaining musicians forming Joy Division's successor band New Order. They picked up the musical heritage and are still active until today.

Joy Division's influence on musical generations to come was wide. Post punk, significantly formed by the band, provided cradle-songs to bands such as U2 and The Cure. The musical heavyweights of the 90s and 2000s Moby and John Frusciante refered to Joy Division as a major inspirational source. Among the post punk revival and indie rock wave from the turn of the millennium there are especially Interpol, Bloc Party and Editors to mention. Singer and guitarist Tom Smith of the latter developed a singing style with astounding proximity to Ian Curtis.

Due to events the band only existed four years. Nevertheless Joy Division, who started in their early twenties, quickly became a highly acclaimed big name in Manchester musical scene and in its after-effects a cult formation of pop history.

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