Fashion: Interview - Louis Philippe De Gagoue

Our newest interviewee has everything a fashion addict could ask for. He is a blogger, a personal shopper, a model, a law student and of course a stylist, yet this guy is so different from what you find on various fashion platforms all over the internet. He prooves that a unique style combined with a happy smile and being unafraid of trying new things are the key to success and an expressiv look. Louis Philippe De Gagoue took some time to answer questions for Project Quality, so be ready to dive into the world of this extraordinary young man and find out more about him and his journey in the fashion industry.

What/who inspires your outfits and try to describe your style with not more than 3 words.
When I put pieces together to make an outfit I'm also mixing cultures, civilizations and travels through history. Other inspirations include music (I am also a huge fan of the pop art movement), nature, my environment, people who I meet, my friends, family.........3 words: bold, eccentric, unique
How and when did you discover your interest in fashion and how did you end up blogging and posting looks on
I first discovered my intrest for fashion when I was in high school, I had a brief career as a model. And that’s how I got a first glimpse of 'the fashion world'. Two years ago I opened my first blog but it took me a lot of time to work on it so I let it down. Then one day I decided to open a new one and put my energy in it, shared my looks and my personal vision of fashion. And then a blogger friend of mine suggested to me to share my looks on to get more attention.

Your style is probably one of the most exciting and unique ones I've ever experienced. It seems as if you're really into colors and vintage stuff. What is it that fascinates you about vintage clothes?
Thank you. What facsinates me about vintage clothes is that they have a story, and that they make me travel back in time.

You're a stylist, a personal shopper as well as a student of law. How does your style affect your carrer regarding that people like lawyers usually wear business clothes to express some sort of professionalism? 
I think it doesn't because I'm still a student.

How did you get into the fashion industry and what is that job like?
Initially it began in a small circle with close friends. I shop a lot for myself so every time I went out unconsciously I found something for one of them and so that trend went on for a while. Eventually they started to ask me to come with them when they went shopping. One day, I can’t recall exactly when, I realised I could make money off doing this. Considering that it’s something that I love doing for free anyways I though 'why not'. And what I like about my job is finding a new style for people.

Is there any piece or accessory you really want to have right now?
What I would love to have right now is buffalo platform sneakers.

If the world was going to end tomorrow what would you wear?
I would wear a white suit with a train and big white wings, buffalo platform sneakers and a golden crown. I have choosen the white colour because it represents purity for me.

Please tell us about your craziest experience that had to do with fashion.
The craziest experience that I had with fashion was styling and shooting twelve outfits in two hours for a lookbook.

Any personal style advice that you want to give to the world?
The advice that I would share with the world is to be yourself, never be afraid of people's look, dare and play - fashion is a play ground.

Thanks to Louis Philippe De Gagoue for this amazing and inspiring interview!
If you want more of him and his work visit his blog by clicking here and check out his profile on!