Photography: Interview-manda la moe

Where do your ideas come from?

manda la moe: Places, People, Stories, Imaginations, Music…it depends on the moment. There is no deep reason or thought behind my ideas. It just comes to me. Often it’s the places that capture and inspire me, that make me refine the idea. For example my picture series “Erwachen” (awake), I was sitting in the train and saw this horde of sheep in the middle of nowhere on amazing green and knew straight away, that it would be the place for my next shoot.

Who do you look up to?

manda la moe: I look up to the more unknown, the ones you don’t hear of a lot, like Sagga Sig, a remarkable from Iceland, I think, or Theo Goesselin. Just pictures that tell a story or are snapshots that capture a moment and aren’t like in some It-Magazine.

What would you like to take pictures of sometime?

manda la moe: I would love to have a real ballerina in front of my lens. These dancing gods can express so much with their body. It’s quite a dream of mine.

How would you describe your style?

manda la moe: My style? Mhmm…it’s hard to find words to describe it. Playful? Surreal? Dreamy?
I could tell you so many words but none will be right for every picture. It’s the world through my eyes.
As everybody thinks differently about art, I’ll let everyone decide for themselves what style they would describe my pictures as.

What makes a picture good to you?

manda la moe: A good picture needs the “wow” effect. You have to see it, take time to look at it properly and think about it. It has to attract the observer and steal his time.

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