Music: Hurricane Festival (Part Two)

Warpaint – Saturday – Blue Stage
Here’s an example for a band that just had bad luck with everything. Warpaint’s concert just didn’t quite work out. The fault lay without exception with outside influences: weather, location, time and sound. You could find them in the rainy early Saturday afternoon on the Blue Stage. The sound was cold, the bass snarled.
It was not a place for Warpaint. They belong in the tent of the Red Stage, late at night, when a cozy atmosphere can develop. But it wasn’t like that and the four girls stood on stage in their rain coats and played and they played superbly, especially Stella Mozgawa, the drummer was noticeable thanks to her unbelievable groove. The mood was terrible anyway. A real shame, the album (The Fool) and EP (Exquisite Corpse are fantastic!

Two Door Cinema Club – Saturday – Blue Stage
If I had to describe Two Door Cinema Club with one word, the most fitting word would probably be: Cool!
The band is pacey, in every song, in every second. A wonderful atmosphere spreads and you forget all about the clouds and the rain. A great concert. Warm, thick sound, the audience was dancing right up to the merchandise stalls in the last rows. Being disappointed must have been bloody hard.

Incubus – Saturday – Blue Stage
After Blink-182 cancelled their entire tour including the show at Hurricane Festical, because they didn’t finish the work on their new album in time (not a surprise), Incubus took their place without hesitating and where the Festival’s second headliners.
The sound was absolutely fantastic and the band gave a great performance, as always. There was nothing to dislike.
Incubus spoke for themselves with this concert and there is nothing more to say about it.