Music: The Festival Diary - Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday afternoon
This is my first festival and I’m not quite sure what  to take, but I think I kind of have the right stuff. Cans of fruit, pots of noodles, a few bottles of water and some cartons of juice and iced tea. It’s supposed to rain, lovely. So I add a pair of wellington boots and a really horrible yellow rain coat to my bag. Otherwise I have some clothes, a towel, a tooth brush, deodorant, baby wipes, some ear plugs etc. I decided to take sun cream and glasses aswell, you never know, we might get lucky with the weather after all..

David arrives around 4.30 pm and we try to stuff my stuff in his car. I decided to put most of my things in a huge Hello Kitty bag-good idea! It has room for everything and is waterproof all I need my small suitecase for is some clothes and food. We make our way to Marcus' place and he has loads more luggage than me. We manage to get it all in the car somehow and can finally get going. The trip is okay, but there are 10.000.000 building sites and it starts storming so badly, that David can hardly see where he is going at one point. A short stop at Burger King on the way there and we see quite a few other people who are on their way to Hurricane Festival. After about three houres we finally arrive and the worst part comes: getting all your stuff to the camp. The others have all already arrived and luckily my tent has been built up by the girl I'm sharing it with when I arrive, but actually gettin there is hell. Our backs are aching and it's almost impossible to pull the suitcases through the mud.
After everything has been built up and we had some food we go dancing. First in the big tent, where they play great music. Then we go out for a break and can't get in again, it's too full. So we go to the DJ outside and dance with hundreds of people. At 3 am all I want is my bed (if you can call a mat and a sleeping sack a bed) and drift off to sleep...well not really. In fact I don't actually sleep the entire weekend it's more like snoozing.